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"Sometimes we all need help to get help"

This may sound like one of the most ridiculous things that you may have ever heard. Sometimes we all need help to get help. If we take a moment and really think about, this is one of the most important truths that we should ever embrace for our lives.

It unfortunately has been during some of the most tumultuous and difficult moments of our lives that we have our own experiences with this truth. If you've ever experienced your automobile breaking down at the anytime time, not like there's ever a good time. Usually it's at the worst place and in the worst place and because it has broken down. We are unable to move forward and arrive at the place where we were trying to go. It that case if we have the resources. We'll call for help to take our vehicle to the place, where we can have our vehicle repaired. In that case, we've gotten the help to get the help that we need. It's the same with getting the help that we need repair our lives mentally, emotionally, spiritually or even financially. Sometimes we need help to get the help that we need. We should never be ashamed in doing so.

I have a son who has obtained his Masters degree in education as a intervention specialist and I am extremely proud of him. He has a form of dyslexia and was a special ed student, during his early educational years. His mother and I were told that "he'd never obtain a college degree by one of his teachers" and obviously they were wrong. Most of the credit must go to his mom, but we got him the help that he needed to get the additional help that he needed to achieve his goals. That isn't unique to my son, your can also achieve whatever goal it is that you have set for yourself to achieve. If you can open yourself to get the help you need to get the help you need to achieve them. "Sometimes we all need help to get the help we need". Go Get it!!! Your future depends on it.


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