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Refocus or Drown

Wow!! What a title huh? Refocus or Drown those aren't the most encouraging words that anyone wants to hear. Yet if we look at in a positive light and use it as our marching orders for the remainder of 2020, we won't drown. We may swallow a little water, but we won't drown. Many of us started out 2020 with some awesome new goals and objectives that we were on pace to achieve in 2020. We were doing the seemingly impossible. Then the Pandemic of 2020 hit stopping us dead in our tracks. Our minds because of this very real and new reality may have suffered with a sense of impending doom. We began the process of drowning. Between our own anxious thoughts and the misinformation that we are and have been bombarded with daily. We can easily find ourselves being overcome by the waves of errant thinking, while the winds of this pandemic still rages. What can we do?

We can Refocus. Refocusing doesn't mean that we minimize or dismiss the reality that life as we knew it has and will be changed for some time to come. Wayne Dyer said that "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change". Well how do we do that?

1- Realize that this current pandemic isn't your fault and that you aren't the only person suffering through these perilous times. Therefore any failure to continue moving forward or gaining ground on your New Years day resolutions aren't your fault. The entire has been in neutral

2- Seek the help that you need in any area of your life that you need it in.

3- Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for help

4- Take the assistance as it has been given to you

In closing focus on surviving, because after you have survived. You can then direct your energy on thriving. The greatest army in the entire world, The U.S Army, teaches it soldiers that in the heat of battle they should evaluate, adapt and overcome. Or like a boxer or MMA fighter who gets hit with punch that he/she didn't see coming, now their focus has to be on surviving. After they have survived they can then place their focus on winning again. They may have lost that particular round, but they haven't lost the fight. So like that fighter we can go down and drown or we can change our focus to surviving the punch or waves. Being ready to fight again when this round or current climate is over.

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