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Executive Director's Bio.


Rev. Father Rickey D.  Morris C.O.A.C

I am the child of the late Mr. Cedell Morris and Ms. Mamie Billingslea.  My parents were farmers children, who came to the north seeking equality and opportunity.  I grew up in a single parent household after my unmarried parents parted ways when I was a toddler. I had a broken relationship with my father growing up, but as an adult I found space for forgiveness.  I have 7 children and I had to break the generational curse {Exodus 34:7} of men not being fathers because no one taught them.  I was blessed to have become a highly regarded athlete.  Upon the field of competition, I laid all of my life's despairs, frustrations and disappointments. At the height of my athletic career, my world collapsed.  My mother, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. On top of that, I was let go from the University after reforms because of a NCAA investigation. My high school girlfriend was carrying our first child, then marriage and we had four children during that marriage.  I didn't want to repeat the mistakes of my father. The life devastating death of my mother and pressures of being a father & provider motivated me to become a successful salesman of legitimate and illegitimate goods.The "love" of money is evil {1 Tim. 6:10}, but at that time I loved money. Bottles & drugs became my masters.  I was inflicting a generational curse upon my children.  I found myself in court being told that I had a 70% chance of spending the rest of my life in prison.  Then I met Jesus {2 Cor. 5:17}. Re-birthed , I'm working to work with others along the path of"becoming unstuck". You can find peace, direction and power for living {2 Cor. 1:3-7}.  If I can overcome with the help of the God, anyone can!

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