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"Everything Started Somewhere"

We all have a lot of obstacles and difficulties, standing in the way of some goal or objective that we would disparately love to achieve. Everything that we enjoy and simply couldn't fathom living without, had it's beginning somewhere. The biggest difference between those that do and those that don't is simply starting.

We won't know if we can achieve whatever our own individual goals or objectives are we, if we never try. We can't if we don't and if we don't we must certainly can't. It all begins with nothing or at zero. The earth as we know it, no matter what train of thought that we prefer, had its' beginning from nothing. We may disagree about the who, what and how, however the fact is. That it started somewhere.

We must divorce ourselves from the most miserable ways of thinking that frequently victimizes us. It causes more self pity, regret and remorse than anything else. And even it, has its' beginning somewhere. We waste valuable time looking back and forward thinking I should've, I could've and I would've. That negative thinking usually is attached to something that we didn't start and now we find ourselves in a less than favorable position in life.

There's nothing we can do about yesterday, however we can start now heading towards what we desire for our futures, We can't turn back time, but we can start today making better use of the time for a much better tomorrow.

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