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"It may not be what we're doing, but how we're doing it"

At Times we may find ourselves working ferociously. Doing all that we can do and all that we know how to do, making great effort to achieve a very worthy and honorable objective or goal. Yet even with all the effort that we put in, the end results isn't success and actually it's more frustrating than rewarding. At the end of the day it wasn't our lack of effort which was the cause of our adverse emotions and failure to achieve our desired results, goals or rewards, but it was how we were doing it.

Frequently when I am in the gym, I'll see men that have been members for years and very faithful at getting it in. However I can see that they aren't getting the results from all their many years of efforts, because of how they are doing the exercises that they're doing. So it's not what they are doing, but how they are doing it. It's their form. I wonder if when they look in the mirror, do they see what I see and is it as obvious to them as it is to others. They need to have the willingness to accept help and application of proper lifting form, to obtain the desired end result of their efforts.

I was once like that as well in all my efforts to obtain the kind of life that I desired. Man I worked my rear end off, but Looking back on it was like I was stuck in mud as pressing the gas pedal to the floor and just spinning my wheels. Just kicking up mud and getting everyone around me muddy. It wasn't until I admitted to myself that I was stuck and that all my efforts were of no avail. Everyone else could see it, but that didn't matter. Then I became willing to listen to others suggestions and became "unstuck" and could move on down the road towards my destiny.

So maybe it's not what your trying to do that is the issue,but it's how your trying to do it.

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